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Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads
Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads
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by Bill Beatty

When I teach, I tell stories about birds I’ve met and many of you have asked me to share my stories in writing. I also am asked how I could manage to learn so much about birds. Well, let me tell you a story…..

In Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads I share my favorite memories and stories about birds and how they changed my life. You’ll meet the rainbow birds that started it all and some amazing people who helped me when I was a fledgling. Midnight owl surveys…an avalanche of birds…Ralph-ael…bare-handing birds…pileated prowess…and so much more.

Finally I have answered your requests and am excited to share many of my birding life stories with you.
- Bill Beatty

The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion.” -Terry Orlick

In Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads you will find the “heart of human excellence” as Bill Beatty reveals how chasing birds led him to a sense of awe about all of nature. He shares his exuberance as it unfolds before his eyes.

From a young boy fascinated by the iridescent rainbows in the feathers of pigeons, to the pivotal moment when common bluebirds changed his young life forever; from catching woodpeckers barehanded to watching a screech-owl egg hatch, Bill chronicles his journey as he pursued his passion from novice to expert.

If you know nothing about birds, this book will entertain you and help you appreciate them more. Advanced birders will laugh and delight in the stories and may be inspired to share bird encounters from their own lives.

With sincere, heart-felt and funny stories, Beatty describes his birding experiences with gratitude and wonder. Everyone should be so fortunate to find such awe in life!


Bird Watcher's Digest (March 2018)

Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads: Discovering Life Through Birds

In a day when so much that is written is grim or ugly, Rainbows, Bluebirds and Buffleheads is an "upper."

Beatty’s appreciation for the wonders of nature is evident in every paragraph. In his journey from a boy able to see rainbows in oily puddles and starlings, to a man who understands, enjoys, and teaches about many aspects of nature, his enthusiasm for life shines through.

While the author’s first fascination was with plants, his stories carry us along as he was captured by the beauty, songs, and flight of birds. His descriptions of several "spark" birds will rekindle readers’ memories of their own early experiences with birds. Whether picking mushrooms, identifying wildflowers, or studying nesting screech-owls, Beatty rejoices in an appreciation of the natural world.

As new birders, we all were mentored by those more experienced. Beatty shares engaging anecdotes about the teachers, friends, and fellow birders who mentored him as a young man. His love of birds and the wild led him to a career teaching others about nature and then to becoming a mentor himself.

Beatty, an expert ornithologist and all-around naturalist, has written a book full of information as well as anecdotes and humor about the fun he has had with birds and birders. Any reader will enjoy the good humor and amusing tales in this book, which is just as suited to a budding birder as to an expert—or even to someone not particularly into birds. (Are there really people like that?)

—Rosemary M. Campbell