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Voices On Unity: Coming Together, Falling Apart
Voices On Unity: Coming Together, Falling Apart

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Pages: 196
Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0-941092-75-5
ISBN-13: 9780941092753

edited by Cat Pleska

Voices on Unity: Coming Together, Falling Apart is a collection of essays, stories, poems and song dedicated to the theme of unity. The contributors thought about what it meant to be voices for a culture, for society, for community, or for a country. Writing about what’s going on around them, means in the end, no matter that it’s local, it’s also the world. Stories in this book are about friendship and family; death and divorce; how to form a past when it’s been stripped away; about women’s marches and even sharing memory with river rocks. This collection forms a family of stories about unity—that elusive state of being for individuals and countries alike.

West Virginia writers included in the collection are Joel Peckham, Rachael Peckham, Mary Barbara Moore, Marie Manilla, Kayla Queen, M. Lynne Squires, Laura Treacy Bentley, Meredith Sue Willis, Betsy Raye Allen, Mary Imo Stike, Marc Harshman, Anna Eagan Smucker, Randi Ward, Paul Epstein, Fran Simone, H.S. Sowards, Belinda Anderson, Phyllis Wilson Moore, Joe Limer, Chris Green, Susanna Holstein, Sarah A. Chavez, Pete Kosky, Carla Thomas McClure and Sheila McEntee.


“Richly varied in form and voice, the work in Voices on Unity examines personal and communal cohesion and dissolution. Sometimes desperate, sometimes ecstatic, these writers offer insight, delight, and much-needed vision.” - From Kentucky’s former poet laureate, George Ella Lyon:

“The powerful voices within this timely collection remind us that where there is unity, there is strength—quiet and steady, constant and kind. Within these pages, you’ll see your neighbor, your colleague, your friend, or an acquaintance, but most clearly, you’ll see yourself.” - From West Virginia University Press, Editor Abby Freeland