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Preacher Joke Book: Religious Anecdotes from the Oral Tradition
Preacher Joke Book: Religious Anecdotes from the Oral Tradition

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edited by Loyal Jones

This diverse collection of religious humor gently pokes fun at preachers. You'll want to give one to your favorite man of the cloth, and he'll probably use it to get laughs from the pulpit. Author Loyal Jones has studied both religion and humor, and his compilation of jokes, stories and sermons is hilarious.

This surprisingly reverent collection of religious humor pokes less at the message than at the messenger. Gentle enough to give your preacher, clean enough to use in the pulpit, this volume is nonetheless sharp enough to drive home its point-that the clergyman does well to serve rather than be served.

Gathered by Loyal Jones, whose scholarship has concentrated on both religion and humor, this collection cuts across denominational and idealogical lines to focus on the foibles of the pastor and the human side of serving God. St. Peter jokes, mock sermons, church bulletin misprints and age-old denominational rivalries-all are here, delightfully illustrated in pen and ink by Wendell Hall.

About the author:

Loyal Jones is the author of nine books and dozens of articles on Appalachian culture, including Laughter in Appalachia: A Festival of Southern Mountain Humor. For twenty-three years he was director of the Appalachian Center at Berea College.