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Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar [Download only]
Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar [CD]

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[Running time 65:44 minutes]ᅠ

by Bil Lepp

Bil Lepp is a nationally acclaimed and award winning storyteller, performing year-round for kids and adults all across the country. His hilarious stories and tall-tales are fun and appropriate for the whole family.

About the stories:

Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar: Come on? You think of a line like that and you've got to write the story. That's really where it started. I hadn't written a straight tall tale for a while and so I thought I'd better have a go at it, just to keep me sharp.

A Plea for Plungers
: Try not to stop up your mother-in-law's toilet.

The Inflatable Easter Bunnies of Halfdollar
: This story falls firmly in the category of things I seriously considered doing when I was younger but had just enough sense not to. I hated those bunnies.

Yard of the Week
: Again- all made up. But boy we came close to putting a dummy on top of the KFC. This story is a sequel to the tale Mayhem Dressed as an Eight Point Buck, and when I wrote Yard I was positive that it would be like a new born colt and quickly stand on it's own legs. The story turned out, however, to be rather marsupial instead. Now, finally, it has come into it's own.

Church Rodeo
: I think this story comes from a lot of very tactful things people in my first churches said to me as I was learning how to be a more effective preacher and a less pompous Duke Divinity School graduate.

Flyin' High: This is my brother Paul's first Liars' Contest tale. This is where all my storytelling began. Many of you have asked me to put it on a cd, so here it is...finally.

Bil Leppᅠᅠ http://www.buck-dog.com