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Appalachians: America's First and Last Frontier, The
Appalachians: America's First and Last Frontier, The

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Pages: 256
Trim: 7.25 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-935978-96-1


Edited by Mari-Lynn Evans, Robert Santelli, and Holly George-Warren.

Contains over 100 illustrations and photographs. In a time when the world has become the global village and America the global nation, there is one place where things are largely as they used to be. Protected by mountains, largely ignored by industry and developers, Appalachia is America’s first and last frontier. Encompassing more than 195,000 square miles in thirteen states, it is home to the least understood and most under-appreciated subculture in the United States. This book fills the void of books about this region, offering a rich portrait of its history and its legacy in music, literature, and film. Text includes essays by some of Appalachia’s most respected scholars and journalist; excerpt from never-before-published diaries and journals; firsthand recollections from Appalachians like Loretta Lynn, Robert C. Byrd, and Ralph Stanley; indigenous song lyrics and poetry; and oral histories from common folk whose roots run strong and deep. This fascinating book was published to coincide with the premiere of the four hour, two-part PBS documentary film by the same name.