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The Scummers
The Scummers

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Crum Trilogy, Part 3

by Lee Maynard

In the third part of the Crum trilogy, Jesse hits the road and heads West, looking to experience something—anything—that will fulfill his intrinsic desires to escape, and to belong. He ends up in California, where he fools around, mischievously fighting and drinking, yet always narrowly escaping punishment. Soon enough, Jesse runs out of luck. He finds himself arrested and is condemned to serve out his sentence under the supervision of the United States Army. Suddenly Jesse Stone can no longer run. Suddenly Jesse Stone is a solider. Full of intense violence and cutting humor, this tale is the culminating confession of a young man who has wandered from a small town in West Virginia and back again in the hopes of finding his home.


"Behold the final record of Jesse Stone, pure fire and tow. You’ll look at these pages sideways. You’ll wish to hit somebody in the temple with your beer bottle. Or maybe you won’t. But if you listen to the roar of this book, if you truly hear the music of Lee Maynard -- a writer who marches to no drummer, different or otherwise -- you’ll get to where you need to go." - Glenn Taylor, a Professor of Creative Writing at West Virginia University and the author of The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart, a 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award finalist and The Marrowbone Marble Company

“Funny, rousing, big-hearted, engagingly kooky, and truly memorable.”- Lee K. Abbott, Humanities Distinguished Professor of English, Ohio State University

“Lee Maynard is a genius.” Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of the Intruder

“A roadmap of a never-ending quest for that elusive place in the heart we call home.” - Chuck Kinder, author of Last Mountain Dancer: Hard-Earned Lessons in Love, Loss, and Honky-Tonk Outlaw Life

About the author:

Lee Maynard was born in Wayne County, West Virginia, and grew up in the county’s small towns – and hollows – that shape much of his writing. His relatives still live in the county, as they have for more than 200 years.
He is a graduate of West Virginia University and attended graduate school at Marshall University.
Maynard is a novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, editor and journalist. As a journalist, he has been an assignment writer for Reader’s Digest for more than a decade. He has been published more than 100 times in publications as diverse as The Saturday Review, Reader’s Digest, Columbia Review of Literature, Appalachian Heritage, Washington Post, Country America, Christian Science Monitor, and on Mighty Words, an e-publishing site.
Maynard’s previous novel, Crum, was the first original fiction published by Washington Square Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, in 1988. The second edition of Crum was published in 2001 as the first book from Vandalia Press.
Maynard wrote Screaming with the Cannibals, a sequel to Crum, with the support from a Literary Fellowship in Fiction from the National Endowment for the Arts.
An avid outdoorsman and conversationalist, Maynard is a mountaineer, sea kayaker, skier, and former professional river runner. He has recently rode a motorcycle from his home near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Arctic Circle.