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Feuding Hatfields and McCoys
Feuding Hatfields and McCoys

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by Coleman C. Hatfield and Keith Davis

Even before the gunfire and violence subsided, sensational stories were being published in newspapers and magazines around the country about the Hatfield and McCoy feud. Most of the early articles were exaggerated or grossly inaccurate, so says author F. Keith Davis; and even today, he says the facts surrounding the feud are often lost in a fog of inaccuracies.

This volume, authored by [the late] Dr. Coleman C. Hatfield, great-grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield, and F. Keith Davis, includes a comprehensive timeline of the Hatfield family migration westward and documents the history before, during and following the bloody Hatfield and McCoy feud era. Interwoven throughout are captivating never-before-published stories, passed down from generation to generation through the Hatfield family, that add color and clarity to this famous American story.

This book is also a pictorial history, featuring over 100 extremely rare and fascinating photographs from both the McCoy and Hatfield families, some originally published in Life Magazine in 1944.

”Coleman and I were finalizing this manuscript around the time that he unexpectedly passed away,” Davis said. “This was a great loss to all of us, for he was such a great historian, talented individual, and, most importantly, a personal friend.”

“It is fascinating to me that the core of this project was written by Coleman way back in 1978 and was intended for a television documentary on the feud. For one reason or another, the project never materialized. With that beginning text, Coleman and I continued to research and develop the manuscript. It was a great honor to work with him and his writings. He was truly a gifted story-teller.”

For many, the 192-page book will be a much-anticipated companion to Dr. Hatfield’s first statewide bestseller, the biography of his Great-Grandfather Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield, entitled, The Tale Of The Devil, which is currently in its third printing.

“As a scion of one of the feuding families of the Allegheny and Cumberland hills, and one whose forebearers began their trek westward from the Virginia coast, I offer the following for all who may be interested or desire to hear the facts from one who has first-hand knowledge of the people of whom he writes,” Dr. Hatfield writes in the foreword of the new book.

Besides being historically significant, this volume is a wonderful keepsake for those who call the Appalachian Mountains home, or for those traveling the rugged roadways of West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia.