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'Cross The Pond: Vietnam Vets Uncensored
'Cross The Pond: Vietnam Vets Uncensored

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Pages: 158 pages
Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9764709-2-5


Vets speak their truth in this book about war. Though not for children, it is required reading for those who have not experienced war first hand, yet through their votes participate in choosing when our nation will go to war.

“As a folklorist and oral historian who has never seen a foreign war, I am captivated by the clarity and power of these recorded testimonials freshly and vividly portrayed by recently returned Vietnam veterans. Their collective ablility to speak in pictures put me more nearly on the front lines and in urban brothels and war torn villages than any network news story of the event half a century ago. These stories go beyond mere information and government propaganda to explore the life changing events of the war. It’s a lesson we must never forget.” – Michael Kline, Ph. D, Plattner Award recipient

'CROSS THE POND is people's history at it's finest. The candid tales and personal photos herein amplify the often silent story of Appalachians fighting in a war they did not start nor command. – Craig O’Hara, PM Press

Many of those who contributed to this moving collection of Vietnam stories conclude by saying, "That's all I have." Does it mean they have nothing more they are willing to tell us or that there's nothing more to tell? Readers will hear it differently but each of these accounts adds to what we know about how Vietnam changed America and Americans. – Marilyn B. Young, Ph. D Professor of History, New York University

For a new generation of readers, and for those of us who have forgotten, 'CROSS THE POND minces no words. Harrowing stories of the Vietnam era are told by draftees who ground only the ax of truth in their mostly hard, but sometimes humorous, words. Must reading...if you must know...the truth. – Bob Henry Baber, Ph. D. – Kellogg Fellow